Source of Integral Wisdom

Expand thyself into the Immeasurable Greatness … and, transcending time, enter the Eternal.

The Hermetic Wisdom

The Wisdom preserved in the sacred traditions of the world has never been lost but is constantly renewed and re-expressed throughout the ages. It embodies those deep mysteries which provide a sense of meaning and purpose, bringing us into touch with the essential ideas necessary to a life which is truly satisfying both for the individual and for society.

We are in an age when values and systems are being questioned and there is a reluctance to believe in absolutes; yet these are the very things which give structure to life and enhance its meaning. Throughout recorded history the perennial philosophy has always offered a path to Goodness, Truth, Beauty and Unity so that these ideals may become living factors in one’s everyday life.

The Universal Order is an organization which offers a system of training based on an integral approach to the perennial wisdom and philosophy of the ages. The benefit of this system of teaching is that it gives stability and coherence, for there is pattern, progress and achievement. However, the Order’s system does not demand the relinquishing of any belief or practice already held or used, but rather encourages freedom of thought, guiding individuals to those fundamental principles in the light of which they will be enabled to find truth for themselves and apply it in their own way to their lives.

Apart from an entrance fee of £1, no money is required at any stage. The Universal Order relies solely on voluntary donations. For the introductory leaflet to The Universal Order or for more information, please contact us.

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